4€-Card available in the office of your student council

Did you know these incredible facts about the City Theatre Freiberg?

  1. It was founded in 1790.
  2. It is the Oldest City Theatre in the world!
  3. It is the only Theatre which has been operating in its original building ever since its establishment.

You want to know more? Why don’t you visit the Theatre? But wait here is something more exciting. The Friends of the Theatre Committee (StuRa) in collaboration with the City Theatre Freiberg are happy to announce a huge strike for all students. Here is the money saving deal:

  1. Pay 10 Euros once for a 4-Euro-Card
  2. Get tickets 15 minutes upfront for each event at this Theatre for just 4-Euros

It is valid for the whole theatre season 2018/19. Isn’t this exciting? Tickets can be obtained at the StuRa office and at the Theatre.

Moreover, on the 14.11.2018, representatives from the Theatre will be at New Mensa to give out tickets tosStudents (Mensa-Special) based on the descriptions above.

You have further inquiries or want clarifications? Why don’t you send Friends of the Theatre (StuRa) an email; (freunde-des-theaters@stura.tu-freiberg.de).

We are happy to answer all your questions.

Your friends of the Theatre