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Some textbooks and workbooks are only needed for a limited period of time and it is not always necessary to purchase a new edition of a book. Therefore, this page serves as a platform where you can offer your books for sale or buy a book at a cheaper price compared to the original price. To offer the book you want to make money on, send an email to with the following information:

  • Category (e.g. languages, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, etc.)
  • Book title
  • Publisher
  • ISBN
  • Condition of the book (as good as new, good, moderately good, bad; in the case of workbooks, indicate whether any entries have been made)
  • Purchase price (indicate at what price you bought the book)
  • Selling price (indicate at what price you want to sell the book)
  • Seller (your name)
  • Contact details (email, phone, etc.)

If you want to purchase a book from the list, contact the seller using the contact details provided and arrange the purchase individually. This page serves only as an intermediary platform.

If you request the publication of the advertisement, you agree that your name and contact details will be published on our homepage for the duration of the placement. In the best case, you will inform us that the book is no longer available. In any case the book will be removed from the table six months after the date of posting.

Category Book title Publisher ISBN Condition Purchase price Selling price Seller Contact details Release date
Languages eñe A2 der Spanischkurs Hueber 9783190042203 good, hardly any entries 30€ 20€ Andreas Müller 06.12.2020
Physics Übungsbuch PHYSIK Grundlagen-Kontrollfragen-Beispiele-Aufgaben Fachbuchverlag Leipzig im Carl-Hanser-Verlag 978-3-446-43532-2 as good as new, without entries 30€ 20€ Johanna Richter 08.12.2020
Electrical Engineering Grunlagen der Elektrotechnik 1 Pearson Studium 978-3-8273-7106-5 good 29,95€ 15€ Andreas Müller 09.12.2020
Mathematik Höhere Mathematik 1             (6. Auflage) Springer 978-3-540-41850-4 as good as new 10€ 5€ Leon Nowack                 Tel. 017634100688 03.02.2021
Mathematik Höhere Mathematik 2 (2.Auflage) Springer 3-540-62398-1 good 10€ 5€ Leon Nowack                 Tel. 017634100688 03.02.2021
Informatics LabView für Einsteiger Hanser 978-3-446-45906-9 good 32€ 15€ Leon Nowack                 Tel. 017634100688 03.02.2021
Allgemeine Chemie Schroedel 3-507-10606-x good Leon Nowack                 Tel. 017634100688 03.02.2021
Languages Spektrum Deutsch A2+ Schubert Verlag 978-3-941323-31-5 as good as new 25,50€ 15€ Naida Bahtijar Tel.+38762702209 03.02.2021

Mechanical engineering/ Mechanics

Aufgaben zu Technische Mechanik 1-3; Statik, Elastostatik, Kinetik; 8. Auflage Springer Vieweg 978-3-642-41353-7 as good as new 37,99€ 20€ Meike Denker 16.03.2021

Biochemistry & Biophysics

Lehninger Biochemie Springer Verlag  3-540-41813-X

Moderately good with regard to the book cover, book pages complete and undamaged

26,-€ 8,-€ Sirka H. 23.03.2021