Statement alcohol prohibition

On Thursday, 5 July 2018, the city council of Freiberg approved the following amendment of statute: With the publication of the actual volume of the gazette (“Amtsblatt”) on 27 July 2018 the consumption of alcohol and drugs is prohibited on all lawns in possession of the city. This is a regulatory offence and is usually punished with a fine of 15 €. This regulation also affects students.

The students’ body council opposes this by the majority of its representatives (meeting of 5 July 2018). It is a restriction of freedom of those, who want to drink their beer (wine, sparkling wine, etc.) with moderation in the open without harming anyone. The students’ body council declares itself in general in favour of moderate consumption of alcohol.

Individuals, who become apparent through disturbance, vulgar behaviour and violence, should be ordered to leave the premises as intended by the old regulation and PolG § 21 (1) (only in German). It is not evident, how the effort of maintaining the public peace by the authorities can be reduces with the new regulation. Controlling and judging the situation has to be done necessarily by officials on-site.

In our opinion, the general alcohol prohibition will not solve the problem of disturbance of the public peace under the influence of alcohol, but merely relocate them. Furthermore, the students’ body council rejects the concept of a “collective ban”, which pertains everyone because of the misconduct of particular park visitors.