Außenansicht des Freiberger Stadttheaters

Statement Restriction of freedom of expression at the Mittelsächsischen Theater

The student council of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg (StuRa) criticizes deeply the defamation of the series of events “DIALOG – Wir haben die Wahl 2019. Was ist zu tun?” (“DIALOGUE – We have the choice 2019 – what to do?”) in the Mittelsächsischen Theater as election advertising. On March 28th 2019 a discussion moderated by Stefan Locke (journalist, FAZ) took place under the heading “When Christians become populists”.

“The accusations that the statute of the theatre was violated by such a discussion event or that even money was misappropriated are not understandable from a student’s perspective,” says Anita Katheras, spokeswoman of the StuRa.

Following the dialogue event, the Lord Mayor of Freiberg, Sven Krüger, turned to the theatre to prevent the use of the rooms for similar events in the future. “The Middle Saxon Theatre is one of the most important spaces in our city, which strives for open discourses on social developments. We welcome any non-university format that supports the dialogue between the various interest groups in Freiberg. It is also part of an open discourse in a university city to allow events with critical themes. In its social role, the theatre even has the task of promoting and depicting plurality of opinion. We therefore ask the Lord Mayor to refrain from such mistakes in future”, says Linus Walter, Head of the Department of Higher Education Policy at the StuRa.

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