Statement Student Numbers

We received a request from the newspaper Freie Presse (Free Press) for a statement on the declining number of students at the TU BAF.

First of all, the target agreements between the TU BAF and the Free State of Saxony state a lower number of students than in previous years (4600, Higher Education Development Plan 2025) as intended, among other things, in order to guarantee individual supervision.

Furthermore, the abolition of tuition fees in the old states of Germany (Western Germany) is problematic for the former East German universities, which have always not levied tuition fees. A further cause is the absence of Numeri Clausi in various courses at other universities and a decline in the number of students in the MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology) throughout Germany, which of course particularly affects our university as a technical university with a broad spectrum in these subjects.

What can we do now? Of course it is advisable to continuously improve and develop the quality of the teaching offered. Students today choose their study location primarily on the basis of online rankings and evaluation portals. Thus only the universities can register long-term stable student numbers, which produce content and well trained graduates.

Of course the student body of the Bergakademie is available with the realisation of these goals.

Also we suggest a better advertisement, at present among other things at the faculties various advertising concepts, e.g. to certain courses of studies, are compiled. But also projects such as the Bio-Nanotech-Week, a taster week for pupiles interested in science and technology, are very well attended. Some graduates of these and other pupil universities will already find their way to Freiberg in the next semester.