Candidates for the Senate

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Here the candidates for the Senate have the opportunity to introduce themselves.

What does the Senate actually do? You can find out in our committee guide.


Ulrike Gruber

Hello, I’m Ulrike Gruber and I’m studying Industrial Archaeology (Bachelor) in my 7th semester. At almost 50, I had turned my life plans upside down once again and that included studying again.

I’ve been on the Faculty Council for two semesters. I think I have represented us students very well so far, so why not also in the Senate? I am particularly keen to represent the interests of those who are studying under difficult conditions. These include people with disabilities, but also young mothers and fathers or those who work while studying.

Due to my age, I probably had a little more time to look for hobbies. I’ve been reading a lot since I was a child and I love learning. I like to spend my free time with my dachshund. We go hiking and traveling a lot. I take a lot of photos and am reasonably good at it.

My passion for industrial archaeology began with an internship at the Chemnitz Industrial Museum and I am delighted that my advice and help are still appreciated even after almost 6 years. I would also like to achieve this in the election to the Senate and contribute with courage and understanding.

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Tom Bernhardt

My name is Tom and I’m in my ninth semester of industrial engineering. Through my specialization in infrastructure management, I have gained an insight into geotechnics and the civil engineering departments at our university in addition to the economic and legal sub-areas. I was already a member of the Faculty Council of Faculty 6 and would like to deepen such committee work and now continue it in the Senate. In my spare time, I sing in the university choir and am a member of Prisma JC. Vote for me so that the walkway behind the Bib will finally be finished !!!1!

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Klara Meyer

I am Klara Meyer and I am a 7th semester chemistry student.
My committee experience includes 2 years as a member of the Faculty Council for Chemistry and Physics. Furthermore, I have been a member of the study commission SINReM (International Master of Science in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management) since April 2023.
I am running for the Senate because I want to represent the opinion of the students. In particular, I would like to critically contribute my opinion on changes to degree programs or regulations that also have an impact on students.

My hobbies include swimming and I play French horn with the Bergmusikkorps Saxonia Freiberg.

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Marcus Schade

Degree course: 4th semester Master of Industrial Heritage

About me: What can I say about myself, I’m definitely one of the older students at this university. My goals are definitely further improvements in the area of inclusion and diversity at this university, a lot has surely been done in the last few years.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot to be done, especially when it comes to areas other than restricted mobility. Advice, support with technical aids, compensation for disadvantages, etc., especially in the area of so-called partial performance weaknesses such as dyslexia or dyscalculia, are areas where the Bergakademie still has a lot of catching up to do. From the point of view of those affected, it is not easy to find help here or to organize the resources yourself, such as university-supported proofreading of your work. Furthermore, I am a competent contact person in many other areas such as social counseling, in the question of study regulations and the mechanics and subtleties of the Bergakademie, as can be read in my committee experience. My hobbies are not so exciting, I like photography, playing chess (although not very well) and going to the movies.

Committee experience:
01.04.2018 – 31.03.2019 Member of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
01.04.2018 – 31.03.2019 Member of the Senate of TU Bergakademie Freiberg
01.04.2019 – 31.03.2020 Member of the Extended Senate of TU Bergakademie Freiberg
01.04.2020 – 21.09.2022 Member of the Study Commission for Industrial Archaeology and Industrial Culture
01.04.2023 – 31.03.2024 Member of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

One thing to all students who are reading this, vote, even if it is not for me, it changes the university and above all it shows your will to shape the Bergakademie and your environment.

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Helene Liebich

Hi, Im Helene and Im in my 7th semester studying BENGEnvironmental Engineering. I joined the faculty student council in my second semester and have somehow never stopped making things happen.

I’ve also been involved in the decisions of the BENG study commission since about semester 2. In the faculty student council, I take care of the posters and the Instagram channel. I’ve helped to organize the freshman weeks several times and have campaigned for the interests of the student body on a number of occasions. A big concern for me is the start of studies for first-year students, as my own start in 2020 was very bumpy.

From my experience so far, I’ve learned that working together always works better than working against each other. I want to take this attitude with me to the Senate.

I hope that my candidacy for the Senate will enable me to help make the university a place where everyone feels comfortable. For me, this means promoting good teaching, recognizing and taking injustices seriously and working to reduce stress during studies.

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Matthias Kemter

Gl├╝ck Auf

I’m Matthias, 21 years old and I’m studying geoinformatics and geophysics in my 5th semester at university. As a former member of the StuRa and current FSR3 chairperson, I am well connected in the student committee world and have gained a lot of experience in Freiberg university politics. I am also a member of the geoinformatics/geophysics study commission, a member of the mine rescue team and the volunteer fire department.

In the Senate, I naturally want to fight for fair and good study conditions. I am particularly concerned about good didactic and competent teaching, an open and tolerant university and the social and psychological problems of students. Last but not least, internal communication at the university needs to be improved.

David Schubert

Unfortunately, we have not yet received any introductory text from David.

Note: Order of candidates according to the Announcement of the nominations.