FSR elections 2020

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It’s time again for the elections of the student body councils and we are searching for candidates. ┬áMaybe you will be one of them?

The body councils take care of the needs of the students of its faculty. The organization of events is the probably most visible of these tasks. You probably have visited some of them over the last semesters, may it be evening for freshmen to get to know each other, sports activities (volleyball), team-building measures (beerpong tournaments), lone wolf challenges (poker tournaments) or simply relaxed hang out with a cool beer (summer fest). But there is also the mediation between the students and the teachers. Whatever problems appear in teaching, the corresponding body council is the first adress, Besides the usual tasks, which serve the inner organization (meetings, protocols, finances), the members of course undergo development via supra-regional exchange (conferences of the student bodies).

You see, the tasks in the FSR are extensive and actually there is something for everyone. Anyone who wonders, what is in it for you to participate, should not forget the range of experience and competence you can collect and no study can offer. So ask yourself: do you just want to be a competent specialist or also a self-determined and responsible person, which has experience and created something in their life already?

We would love to work with you in the future. Fill out a nomination formular right now and rise to the challenge. Please, also consider, if you will be in Freiberg, when the elections are taking place or if you need to use your right of postal vote. If necessary, fill out a request.

The exact details (polling station, date of the elections and other deadlines) can be found here.