Außenansicht des Freiberger Stadttheaters

News from your theatre (April 2019)

Have you ever wondered about what is going on in the City Theatre? Here is some help:


Season schedule of the city theatre Freiberg (01.04.2019 – 14.04.2019)

01.04.2019                 10am      “The Hare and the Hedgehog“ (play by Peter Ensikat, version by Grimm Brothers;                         BiB Freiberg)

04.04.2019                 10am      Revival(di) (concert with pieces written by Antonio Vivaldi)

05.04.2019             7.30pm      “The Bat“ (operetta by Johann Strauss II)

06.04.2019             7.30pm      “berlin air” (BiB Freiberg)

07.04.2019                   7pm      “The Bat“ (operetta by Johann Strauss II)

09.04.2019                   8pm      Lyrical salon (Salon of the Stadtwirtschaft)

10.04.2019             7.30pm      “the world is round, because that is what it is there for” (musical-literature               program to Erich Kästner)

11.04.2019             7.30pm      6th symphony concert JAZZER (Nikolaikirche Freiberg)

13.04.2019                   5pm      “berlin air” (BiB Freiberg)

14.04.2019                   5pm      5th chamber concert (at the Gut Gödelitz)

                                         7pm      “Pension Schöller“ (play by Wilhelm Jacoby and Carl Laufs)


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We wish everyone a good start into the new semester.


Stay tuned for updates on various plays and programs.


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