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Here you can find some of our offers. In addition to what is listed below, you can find our rental service, the merchandising offers, news about the six-month student transit pass and a Q&A on general rules for exams.

International Student Identification Card   

As a student you get to enjoy a variety of discounts at different cultural events, trips and during over-night stays.

Not only in Freiberg, Saxony or Germany but also internationally a wide range of discounts designated specifically for students awaits you.

But of course one needs a recognised proof of the student status. This is where the ISIC – the International Student Identification Card – comes into play. Due to its wide acceptance you can document that you are a student during any kind of stays abroad.

The student council will gladly issue your ISIC to you in its office next to the library. You only have to bring a picture, your ID card, a confirmation of enrolment, 15 euro and about 5 minutes of your time.

You can find more information here:

Copy Cards

At our university we have a separate copy card from the company Ricoh for some time now. You can purchase and charge this card in the university’s library (Agricolastr. 10). The copy card itself costs 5 euro incl. VAT (4 euro deposit and 1 euro starting balance). Charging is possible with bank notes up to a face value of 20 euro.

The card can be used at the TUBAF and the Technical University Dresden and is not bound to a specific user. Depending on where you use the card, you can copy, print and scan your documents – in selected locations also in colour. Terms and conditions of Ricoh apply for the purchase and usage of the copy cards.

A short price overview:

format costs per page
A4 b/w 0,05 euro
A4 coloured
0,35 euro
A3 b/w 0,10 euro
A3 coloured
0,70 euro

You can find a map to locate where you can use which functions in Freiberg:  map

More details are available here: