Share your christmas flyer

Share your christmas – Charity drive organized by FUN

The student council supports the Charity drive organized by FUN:

Children make up more than half of the world’s 22.5 million refugees. The Freiberg refugee homes are are currently sheltering 74 children from 15 countries, most of them younger than 6 years old – many of them have never celebrated a Christmas holiday. We would therefore like to provide gifts to the children they may benefit from for a long time and share with their friends.
Who are we? We are the Freiberg United Network (FUN), a newly founded group of mostly international students whom are connected by the wish to be better integrated in Freiberg. We have already received a number of kind donations by local firms, and are counting on our fellow students to contribute as well. We would be very grateful for in-kind and monetary donations – especially books in German language for different age groups, board games, school and art supplies, sports equipment – or do you have any other great idea?

Place: Mensa Foyer
Time: Mon 17.12.- Wed 19.12., daily from 11:00-14:00