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Student theatre reviews

Are you a Student interested in writing reviews on plays shown at the City Theatre (Freiberg)? Then look no further; Friends of the Theatre Committee (StuRa), brings you an amazing, exciting and rewarding opportunity to share this skill and talent of yours with the entire University and beyond. The City Theatre through Friends of the Theatre Committee (StuRa), is looking for Students who are interested in becoming ‘AMBASSADORS’. You would visit certain plays, musicals etc. on regular basis and would have to write a simple but catchy review. Your reviews shall be published on the stuRa website, various social media platforms and lastly, on the website of the city Theatre. In November, they would be offering a special and brief preparatory course to interested Students on how to write such a review. There you will learn everything about how to write a good review.

To add to the excitement, they would be giving a guided tour through this special and beautiful Theatre house in English and German languages.

In the meantime, why don’t you write us an email ( expressing your interest.

Your friends of the theatre