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New information about Semesterticket is on this site: Semesterticket News (Dezember 2022)


We, at Stura, are aware how important the topic Semesterticket is for all of you, especially for all the international students. That is why we decided to put this on our to-do-list and since December 2021 we have been in talks with the transport authorities VMS & MRB (Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen and Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn).

What is Semesterticket?

Other universities like Dresden or Chemnitz pay a certain amount (included in the semester fees) so that they can use the public transport in the state of Saxony with their Student IDs without buying the ticket every time. We don’t have this in Freiberg which is also the reason why the semester fees is so low.

Please read the FAQs below which should answer most of the basic questions. Feel free to share your opinion about semester ticket on Schnaq. If you have any further questions, please contact the Department of Social Affairs and International Affairs (contact person: Shubham Sharma).



1. What ist VMS und MRB?

VMS (Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen) and MRB (Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn) are the two transport authoriteies in Saxony who we deal with for the semester ticket.

  • VMS consists of all the buses, trains, trams  in the Region “Mittelsachsen”. Here is an overview of the VMS area: VMS-Tarifzonenplan >>
  • MRB is our contact for all the regional trains in Saxony. Here is an overview of the regional trains which will be included in the semester ticket: VVO-Liniennetzplan-SPNV-Sachsen


2. How many surveys will take place?

There will be 2 surveys in total.

  • The 1st survey will start sometime in April 2022 and this will be to assess the usage of public transport by students on weekdays, weekends and during holidays. The survey is a little long but please take the time to fill it up as best as you can.
    • After reviewing the results of this survey we will get an offer from VMS & MRB on how much the semester ticket will exactly cost.
  • Then the 2nd survey will take place where we will ask if you all want to accept the semester ticket at this price. This will be simple survey with Yes/No.


3. How much will the semester ticket cost?

It will cost 177€.


4. Will the semester fees change?

Yes, the semester fees will increase. 94€ plus the price for the ticket.


5. Where will the semester ticket be valid?

It will be valid for all public transports in VMS region and all the regional trains in Saxony. Read question one for more details on VMS & MRB train routes & map.

    • For Example: You can use buses, trams & all trains in Chemnitz region. You can travel by train to Dresden but cannot use the trams & buses in Dresden (because that is VVO region)


6. Will the semester ticket be optional?

No, if the results of the second survey says that the majority of students accept the given price of semester ticket, then it be the same for all the students. Exception is for example if you are in Urlaubssemester (taking a semester off).


7. Can the semester ticket be optional?

If an optional semester ticket were to be offered, it would be significantly expensive than the price of normal ticket (if everyone pays the same amount). We will try and talk to the transport authorities about this option in the upcoming meetings, but so far this option has not been discussed.


8. When will we have a semester ticket?

Assuming that everything goes according to plan, there could be a semester ticket at TUBAF from WiSe23/24 onwards.