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Results of the Semesterticket poll:

The Semesterticket poll has ended on the 12th December at 0 o’clock allready and is now reviewed. 5447 students were entitled to vote and got invited to the poll. All in all 3343 of those students casted their ballot. So this makes a participation of 61.37 %. We are very happy about this, especially since this result really represents the opinion of the bigger part of the students body.

Yes-Votes:   1072    32.07%

No-Votes:    2241    67,05%

(the remaining to 100%: no answer, student did not finish the poll

If we look at all the completed answers only, we get a ratio of 32.36 % for „Yes“ and 67.64% for „No“. That means that 2/3 of the students voted against the Semesterticket and 1/3 for it.

Therefore the offer for the Semesterticket is not accepted. So the students council will not take further actions towards the ticket. The public transportation companies are informed about the poll results and the arguments against the ticket that came up during the discussions beforehand. They will review the points and we assume that the topic will be up-to-date again in a couple of years. Who ever is dealing with it in that time should be able to build upon the current results to negotiate a better offer.

In case you have questions regarding the poll results please contact us. We thank the workgroup Semesterticket for their efforts and invested time for this project. Their work is over at the moment.

A semesterticket, what does that mean? Public transport for a fair price?

You could get the possibility to travel with all regional trains (RB, RE, IRE and S-Bahn) in Saxony. Additional to that it’s possible to get on an off all busses in Freiberg and the VMS-Area. But off course this offer is not for free: the semesterticket will cost € 111 per semester.

These € 111 will be additional to the already existing semester fee. The fee will be raised for everybody (!) to € 195 (€ 111 + € 84). Because this is a large raise, there will be an assembly on Monday the 18th of November 2013. During this assembly specific questions to the semesterticket will be answered and pros and contras to this concept will be presented. During that day, there will be a mobile informationpoint of the public transport organisation of Mittelsachsen on the square in front of the mensa.

YOU DECIDE! In the upcoming weeks there will be an online survey to find out if the semesterticket is wanted by you. Please, fill out the survey, if you get informed by e-mail. The survey will be anonymous.

Facts about the semesterticket:

  • Regional public transport in the VMS-region and valid in all regional trains in Saxony (map)
  • Valid during one semester
  • Every student has to pay, even if you don’t use the ticket that often (solidarity)
  • A raised semester fee of € 195

Arguments about Semesterticket

The following points are an open list with arguments regarding the introduction of a semesterticket at TU Bergakademie. These list could help you to make your decition for or against a semesterticket.

  • Fixed price per semester for mobility within the ticket area
  • possibility of more drop outs of students from “verfasste” student body
  • price is lower than the average spending of students for public transport in the ticket area
  • potential financial risks for the work of student concil and fachschaftsräte due to drop out (the budget can vary more)
  • easier access to lectures at other places in saxony to widen the horizon of there study
  • higher cost for people that travel less
  • not all destinations in Saxony are reachable easily with public transportation
  • reduction of noice, carbon dioxide emission and road way usage
  •   easier access to culturell events, site seeing and shopping opportunities
  • more public transport is better for the environment
  • solidary finance of mobility for all members of “verfasste” student body
  • for travelling beyond the Saxonian borders additional tickets are needed
  • possible increase of weekend travelling could mean less events inFreiberg then

Backround and further thoughts

During the re-registration for each semester students are allowed to exit the responsiblity of the Students Council and the Fachschaftsrat (council of students representatives of the faculty) due to the change of the Saxoxian law of academica in the last year. In that case students would not have to pay the Students Council fee (7 € per semester + the possible semester ticket fee) but they also step back from all the services the student council, the Fachschaftsrat and other associated institutions are providing (usage of the possible semester ticket, counciling and consulting and many more). This option may lead to high withdrawal numbers, therefore the public transportation companies demand new price negotiatons if the withdrawal rate reaches 19% for sommer semester 2015. The Student Council has to think about the consequences too because the budgets of the Students Council and the Fachschaftsräte (and other associated institutions) depend on the fee the students are paying (7 Euros). The thoughts go in two directions: First, there should be a way to cancel the contract with the transportation companies in case of to many students leave. Setting up the details, that do not put the semester ticket and the Student Council budgets, is on the To-Do-List of the Students Council at the moment and will be discussed with the contracting partners. The second thought deals with a possible subsequent increase of the Students Council fee to compensate the missing financials due to the withdrawals, if that is needed. Of course, this increase would be relativly small but this option should be considered. Another point is the needed change of the „fee edict“ of the Students Council, that does not allow to give back fees to the students at the moment. However the payback (of the possible semester ticket costs) is in order because of currect social laws – especially for students that stay abroad for a significant amount of time or in other parts of Germany so that they are not able to use the semesterticket. To have or not to have a semesterticket is a political decision. You should take all the aspects in consideration and try to calculate for yourself whether the offer of the semesterticket is interessting for you.

We will keep you informed!