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Sören Wobst, Johanna Richter, Andreas Müller, Clemens Büttner, Johannes Neidel, Riad Rustum, Jennifer Schwarz, Stefanie Arndt, Tim Otto, Ayouba Badou, Hannes Klessig, Ruben Wahlefeld, Claire Cariven, Max Dwerzinski, Iris Cramer, Shubham Sharma, Luise Hammer


From left: Andreas Müller, Sören Wobst, Johanna Richter

Members of the student council

Fakultät 1

Johannes Neidel


(Geotechnik und Bergbau)

Johanna Richter
(Angewandte Mathematik)

Riad Rustum
Referatsleitung Kultur/ Sport
(Angewandte Informatik)

Fakultät 2

Jennifer Schwarz
(Angewandte Naturwissenschaft)
Porträt von Lukas Eichinger
Stefanie Arndt
(Angewandte Informatik)
Porträt von Lukas Eichinger
nicht besetzt

Fakultät 3

Andreas Müller
1. Finanzverantwortlicher
Porträt von Tim Otto
Tim Otto
Referatsleitung Technik
Porträt von Lukas Eichinger
Ayouba Badou
(Groundwater Management)

Fakultät 4

Hannes Klessig
Hannes Klessig
Porträt von Lukas Eichinger
Ruben Wahlefeld



Claire Cariven  Referatsleitung Soziales und Internationales  (Groundwater Management)


Fakultät 5

Sören Wobst
Max Dwerzinski
Max Dwerzinski
Referatsleitung Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Iris Cramer
Referatsleitung Studium/Bildung


Fakultät 6

Porträt von Lukas Eichinger
Shubham Sharma




Clemens Büttner   2. Finanzverantwortlicher (BWL) 
Luise Hammer           Referatsleitung Hochschulpolitik (Witschaftsingenieurwesen)


Permanent Employees

Porträt von Carina Hänig
Carina Hänig


Marwin Milich and Nikolaj Marx
Rental and BBK

We are really grateful for the support of our free members. Without them, some of our projects would not work.

The student council (StuRa) is a group of volunteers representing the student body of the TU Freiberg. It incorporates legislative and executive functions which are carried out by the Student Parliament (StuPa) and the General Student Committee (AstA) in many other German universities in one board.

The student council is comprised of a maximum of three students from each faculty, who are appointed by the student representatives (FSR). Therefore, the student council is made up of at most 18 members with voting power. Similar to the AstAs in other German universities, the representatives of the student council form different units in which they care for specific topics. Furthermore, a management board is comprised of a president, a spokesperson and two treasurers.

The student council is responsible for the funds of the student body and its rulings are binding for the students. The council is receiving 7 Euro per student per semester for fulfilling its tasks. The money is used to sponsor sportive or cultural events but also supports various working groups and initiatives. In addition, the student representatives of each faculty receive their own budgets which depend on the number of students matriculated at the respective faculty.

The student council also serves as a partner in solving problems related to your studies and offers support for example in regard to the Federal Student Loan (BAföG) or for any questions concerning the examination policies. Moreover, it cares for all interests of the students going beyond the scope of the faculty level.

More information about several committees of our universities you can find in our committee-guide.