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Gruppenbild des Studentenrats
Background row from left to right: Carina Hänig, Manuel Rothenberger, Vincent Weinrich, Torsten Lehmann, Christoph Kobold, Florian Pratsch, David Schubert, Johannes Bauer
middle from left to right: Felix Hallfarth, Tobias Eichhorn, Julia Richter, Eva Zent, Elena Ries
Front from left to right: Vivian Schünemann, Anita Katheras, Rebecca Diewitz, Lea Fränzle, Jonas Curdes
Missing: Benjamin Bonk, Linus Walter, Robert Imhoff, Lukas Eichinger, Benjamin Kobisch

Members of the student council

Faculty 1

Porträt von Felix Hallfarth
Felix Hallfarth
Leader of Studies and Education unit
(Werkstoffwissenschaft- und Technologie)
Porträt von Vincent Weinrich
Vincent Weinrich
Leader of Equipment unit
(Angewandte Informatik)
Porträt von Jonas Curdes
Jonas Curdes
First finance officer of the student body
(Geotechnik und Bergbau)

Fakultät 2

Porträt von Anita Katheras
Anita Katheras
(Angewandte Naturwissenschaft)
Porträt von Julia Richter
Julia Richter
Leader of PR unit
(Angewandte Naturwissenschaft)
Porträt von Manuel Rothenberger
Manuel Rothenberger
Member of PR unit
(Angewandte Naturwissenschaft)

Fakultät 3

Porträt von Linus Walter
Linus Walter
Leader of Higher education policies unit
(Geotechnik und Bergbau)
Porträt von Rebecca Diewitz
Rebecca Diewitz
Porträt von Johannes Bauer
Johannes Bauer

(Geotechnik und Bergbau)

Fakultät 4

Robert Imhoff


Porträt von Benjamin Bonk
Benjamin Bonk
Leader of Student services and social affairs unit
Member of Equipment unit
Porträt von Vivian Schünemann
Vivian Schünemann
Leader of culture and sports unit
(Geologie Mineralogie)

Fakultät 5


Lukas Eichinger

Member of Higher Education Policies

Porträt von Torsten Lehmann
Torsten Lehmann
Second finance officer of the student body
(Werkstoffwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnologie)
Porträt von Florian Pratsch
Florian Pratsch
Member of culture and sports unit 
(Geotechnik und Bergbau)

Fakultät 6

Benjamin Kobisch
Member of PR unit
(Angewandte Naturwissenschaft)
Porträt von Elena Ries
Elena Ries
Member of PR unit
Porträt von David Schubert
David Schubert
Member of Higher Education Policies unit

Festangestellte Mitarbeiter

Porträt von Carina Hänig 
Carina Hänig

Freie Mitarbeiter

Eva Zent
Simon Liebing
Porträt von Lea Fränzle
Lea Fränzle Referatsmitglied Studium und Bildung

We are really grateful about the support of our free members. Without them some of our projects would not work.

The student council (StuRa) is a group of volunteers representing the student body of the TU Freiberg. It incorporates legislative and executive functions which are carried out by the Student Parliament (StuPa) and the General Student Committee (AstA) in many other German universities in one board.

The student council is comprised of maximum three students of each faculty, who are appointed by the student representatives (FSR). Therefore the student council is made up of at the most 18 members with voting power.  Similar to the AstAs in other German universities the representatives of the student council form different units in which they care for specific topics. Furthermore a management board is constituted, comprised of a president, a spokesperson and two treasurers.

The student council is responsible for the funds of the student body and its rulings are binding for the students. The council is receiving 7 Euro per student and semester for fulfilling its tasks. The money is used to sponsor sportive or cultural events but also supports various working groups and initiatives. In addition the student representatives of each faculty receive their own budgets which depend on the number of students matriculated at the respective faculty.

The student council also serves as a partner in solving problems related to your studies and offers support for example in regard to the Federal Student Loan (BAföG) or for any questions concerning the examination policies. Moreover, it cares for all interests of the students going beyond the scope of the faculty level.

More informations about several commities of our universities you can find in our committee-guide.

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