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The Department for University Politics deals with current topics in higher education politics. We keep an eye on political developments and trends, especially with regard to student affairs. In doing so, we are committed to the affairs of the student body and specifically bring our concerns to the various political levels. To do this, we have to maintain a variety of contacts, e.g. with the rectorate, senate, state and federal student representatives, conduct negotiations and work out solutions. The organization of workshops for the student representatives in the various committees and the provision of general political offerings for the student body are also part of our tasks.

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Maik Schlegel

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You will find two important institutions of higher education policy in more detail here: 


An important platform for higher education policy work in Saxony is the KSS (Konferenz Sächsischer Studierendenschaften). Here the Saxon student councils pool their energy and expertise in order to represent their interests vis-à-vis the Saxon state government, the state ministry for science and art and the state parties in parliament. This committee meets monthly at a Saxon university location, whereby we Freiberg students occupy 2 of the total of 28 seats.
At the meetings, we discuss topics such as BAföG, student rights and demands on the state government in the field of higher education policy. Press releases are also issued on particularly important topics, which can be viewed publicly.

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In the Senate, too, topics such as higher education policy are discussed. As students, we are represented here by three voting members and one advisory member, and we campaign for students’ rights and for a student-friendly orientation of our university.