Unit Public Relations

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The PR unit takes care of announcing and advertising events and also does typical press work. In doing so we want to provide the necessary transparency of our work towards the student body but also in regard to the general public. We receive great support from the unit Equipment, which provides help related to IT questions, maintenance and acquisition of hard- and software.

Furthermore we cooperate with other institutions of our university for example all of our work groups, the Career-Centre, the university’s PR unit and all student committees as well as with the theatre. Thereby we want to provide a wide range of information and events. Mainly we use our own homepage, our facebook page and the unimail to communicate with our fellow students. Sometimes we also comment on the app “Jodel” to excite some spontanous students for our events. Attention: all invitations “from your student council” to “E-Klause”, “Erzgebirgsklause” etc. might be legandary but are definitely fake news.

Moreover we consider arousing interest for student committees as our task. We want everybody to be involved in important decision as well as event planning. Stop complaining, start participating!

portrait of Julia Richter
Leader of PR Julia Richter

Some of our recent projects:

  • to promote the cultural range of Freiberg’s theatre
  • to rearrange our website including a homepage for each unit
  • to create an election campaign for the student council elections
  • to improve the connections to our work groups and to revise our work groups’ website
  • to attract more people to our website
  • to advertise for the recent events

What we have been doing during this legislature till now:

  • to find and send students to different committees
  • to revise our homepage
  • to introduce all elected members of the student council on our website
  • to reactivate and to use our facebook page frequently
  • to create posters and flyers for the freshmen
  • to brighten up the sofa in our office
  • to invent buttons to be recognizable
  • permanent information during the freshmen weeks
  • organization and occupation of the student council’s stand
  • to record and to publish some information videos about the following student committees: Fakultätsräte, Senat, Erweiterter Senat
  • to sell the 4€-theatre ticket for students again in our office
  • to create an election campaign for the univerisity election on the 4th, 5th of Decembre 2018
  • to introduce the election candidates
  • to lay out christmas cards

Are you interested to join us? We are constantly looking for freelancers. Please contact us for that or any questions: pr@stura.tu-freiberg.de.