Need to speak

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Psychosocial counselling

Study and work difficulties, test anxiety or personal problems …

Almost everyone experiences difficult phases during the studies. Everyone handles these crises differently and not everyone can handle them on their own. Support can be found in the counseling center of the Studentenwerk Freiberg, in the student house “Alte Mensa”, in Petersstraße 5.

  • In a couple of meetings we will work on a solution and orientate you.
  • The consultation can be done anonymously on request and is subject to secrecy.
  • We also do group discussions and workshops of different thematics. 

    General social counselling

    The general social counselling is characterised by a great variety and amplitude of topics. Questions about student financing, employment during your studies or health insurance can be just as important as questions about social benefits, living or child benefits. In one or several conversations, we try to work with you to find solutions for your personal, study-related, social or economic problems. 

    External consulting services


    Nightline Dresden e.V.        The Nightline Dresden is a listening phone made by students for students.

  • When: during the lecture period Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 9 p.m. to midnight

  • phone: 0351 4277345