Unit Studies and Education

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The unit Studies and Education offers fast and professional help to all those who have slipped into a conflict with the university. We achieve our goal by intensive and critical analysis of laws and policies of the university. Moreover, we are in close contact with the members of other boards (like the senate) to keep ourselves updated on current internal developments. All in all, it is our job to ensure a smooth ride through your studies.

We also have a task for you: If there are problems we do not know about, do not hesitate to contact us. With your input we can take action for you. So, keep contacting us, because we know which people we have to annoy to get things done.

If you have general questions about exams, we suggest our FAQ about Exams. Questions left? Just ask and write a mail to our consultants!


Felix Hallfarth – f.hallfarth@stura.tu-freiberg.de

Christoph Settgast – c.settgast@stura.tu-freiberg.de

Torsten Lehmann – t.lehmann@stura.tu-freiberg.de

Lea Fränzle – l.fraenzle@stura.tu-freiberg.de

Simon Liebing – s.liebing@stura.tu-freiberg.de


For several years our unit organizes workshops and consulting offers for new students who want to take part in the student self governance. For new people in the student council or other student representatives all the regularities and laws seem to be overwhelming, but do not be affraid. It is often easier than it looks like.

Data Privacy

Sometimes we need personal data as mail adresses or phone numbers to fulfill our job. Our unit is also responsible for the security of your data and is working on concepts which should make it easy as possible for both sides to ensure data privacy.