Student Council (StuRa)

We have some equipment that you can borrow. Below is a list of all the items currently available.

If you would like to borrow something, please come to the StuRa office next to the old library and get in touch with our secretary. The deposit must be paid in cash.

Please note the rental calendar!

music system

consists of two ZLX-122P and one EKX 18-SP (200€ deposit + 80€ rental fee),

the speakers can also be rented individually, one ZLX-122P for 50€ deposit + 15€ rental fee


deposit 100€ + rental fee 10€ per piece

Beer dispenser/cooler

100 deposit + 20 rental fee (gas)

Beer table sets

(30 deposit per set) Here are the facts in brief:

  • 10 tables and 20 benches are available
  • all parts are made in a reinforced construction and in very good condition

coffee machine

(40€ deposit)

  • for 40 cups per run
  • ideal if larger groups are to be catered for


(75 deposit)

  • 3mx3m floor space, height 2m

Beamer and screen

(75€ deposit or 25€ deposit)

  • The projector only has an HDMI connection


The Barbarakeller is only available for student events. If you need it, please contact our secretary in the office.


Student Council of Faculty 1

  • mulled wine heater
  • small boxes
  • coffee maker
  • kettle
  • games Taboo, Looping Loui
  • remote controlled cars
  • volleyball and net
  • electric barbecue grill

Student Council of Faculty 2

  • mulled wine heater
  • photo printer (50 Cent pro Foto)
  • 3 gazebos
  • volleyball und net

Student Council of Faculty 3

  • gazebo
  • mulled wine heater
  • spotlight
  • cable reel
  • grill
  • ladder
  • Kubb
  • trolley
  • coffee maker
  • kettle

Student Council of Faculty 4

  • 2 beer table sets
  • mulled wine heater
  • ladder
  • Kubb
  • large Jenga
  • slackline
  • basketball
  • badminton
  • waffle iron – sandwichmaker
  • cooking plate
  • cake serving plate with lid
  • cable reel 50m
  • 2 gazebos
  • laserpointer/presenter
  • banner FSR 6

Student Council of Faculty 5

  • 2x mulled wine heater
  • grill
  • gazebo
  • coffee maker
  • kettle
  • table light
  • 10 chairs
  • spotlight (use only after instruction)
  • fridge

Student Council of Faculty 6

  • gazebo
  • gas grill (use only after instruction)
  • coffee maker
  • kettle
  • trolley
  • cable reel for outdoor usage (50m)
  • TAP machine

Bicycle sale

You’ve landed in Freiberg but dont have a bike yet? Then contact the CJD Saxony based in Chemnitz. You can buy a bike there for a small price of around 30 to 80 euros. You just need to contact them first:

CJD Freiberg
Berthelsdorfer Straße 58a
09599 Freiberg

Bicycle trailer

This bicycle trailer has moved the heaviest crate of beer and managed the biggest move! Do you have the confidence to control this monster? Then go ahead. Costs nothing, absolutely nothing. 20 Euro deposit and he’s yours for 2 days! That’s 48 hours, even 2880 minutes and for 0 euros! The inclined user could even buy a beer out of sheer gratitude to AG Umwelt. Or the author of this article – depending on who seems more sympathetic ;)

Find out more here.